Bom Fact #1: She has beautiful tooth but barely show it when she smiles.

Bom Fact #2: She once offered Teddy a deer’s belly button candy because he looked exhausted.

Bom Fact #3: Bom’s ultimate favorite color is Green but she also loves Pink and Red.

Bom Fact #4: Bom almost cried after hearing UGLY.

Bom Fact #5: Bom’s Full name is Park Bom & American name is Jenny Park.

Bom Fact #6: Park Bom starred in Kim Ji Eun’s Tell Me Once More MV where her first on-screen kiss debuted.

Bom Fact #7: She had fainted in the bathroom before.

Bom Fact #8: She has a Korean accent but sometimes she can switch it to an American accent if she wants to.

Bom Fact #9: She eats everytime in 2NE1TV.

Bom Fact #10: Bom and T.O.P from Big Bang are known as the ” Alien Couple”.

Bom Fact #11: Bom once told Dara a joke that the airplane’s wings were broken which made Dara more afraid.

Bom Fact #12: Out of 2NE1, she has the most number of fans in her individual fancafe in Korea and Japan!

Bom Fact #13: She had a part in GD & TOP’s “Jibe Gajima (Don’t Go Home)” but was edited out.

Bom Fact #14: Bom’s ideal type is Jay-Z.

Bom Fact #15: Teddy revealed that Bom is fond of drawing heart shapes in her lyrics.

Bom Fact #16: Bom used to sleep walk.

Bom Fact #17: Bom has been revealed to be doing the “Lettuce Diet” to lose weight.

Bom Fact #18: Bom revealed that the group was originally planned by YG to be a 3 member group with Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park.

Bom Fact #19: Bom is the youngest child in her family but the eldest member in 2NE1.

Bom Fact #20: She stole something from the fridge from WILL.I.AM once on 2NE1TV Season 2.

Bom Fact #21: She was rejected by YG the first time she auditioned. She continued to knock on YG’s door for 3 years and was finally accepted.

Bom Fact #22: She went to Lesley University with a major in Psychology, then transferred to Berklee College of Music to pursue her music career.

Bom Fact #23: Bom resided in America for six years as an exchange student. 

Bom Fact #24: Languages she can speak: Korean, English, and Japanese.

Bom Fact #25: She once cried out so loud when her aunt passed away which was filmed on an episode of 2NE1TV Season 2.

Bom Fact #26: Bom’s idol is Beyonce.

Bom Fact #27: G Dragon revealed that he is addicted to Bom.

Bom Fact #28: Bom never ever get a plastic surgery operation. She denied that and she said that she’s beautiful by make up.

Bom Fact #29: Mariah Carey is one of those who inspired her to get into music.

Bom Fact #30: Bom really wants a boyfriend.

Bom Fact #31: Bom didn’t tell her parents about the YG audition rejections.

Bom Fact #32: Bom gave up everything to become a singer. She left her studying in USA and came back to Korea to achieve her dream.

Bom Fact #33: Park Bom and Lee Ha Nui are close friends.

Bom Fact #34: Bom means “Spring” in Korean. She was born in March, which was the spring season, thus her name. One of her nicknames is also “Lady Spring”

Bom Fact #35: During her pre-debut years, Bom beat out Son Dambi in the auditions for an Anycall CF and got to appear in the CF with Lee Hyori

Bom Fact #36: Bom once rejected a dinner invitation from Lee Hyori during her Anycall CF promotions, since she had to maintain a strict diet to be able to wear “half-shirts” that exposed her midriffs.

Bom Fact #37: When she was a teenager, Bom went bungee jumping in Austria. She tried to do it again in Korea but chickened out at the last minute. 

Bom Fact #38: Park Jin Young (JYP) once wrote a song called “Scarecrow” to be performed by Bom. The song was recorded/demo-ed but never released.

Bom Fact #39: Bom drinks water a lot to keep her skin flawless

Bom Fact #40: CL said that Bom has an eccentric charm and she’s really adorable.

Bom Fact #41: Bom has two dogs, Choco and Danchoo

Bom Fact #42: Bom admits that she usually “spaces out”. Shaun Evaristo (the ML choreographer) once told a story how he witnessed Bom doing it and concluded that “she has her own world she goes into”.

Bom Fact #43: Dara said that there is only one personality like Bom’s in a century

Bom Fact #44: Bom has lymph node disease, she developed it during her trainee days, she was practising in singing for the whole night. The next day her whole face swelled up.

Bom Fact #45: At night, she warp speed back to planet Mars with another alien who shall be named anonymous.

Bom Fact #46: During her diet, the person she gets angry the most is president YG.

Bom Fact #47: She was featured in Bigbang’s First Album ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Forever With you’ with G-Dragon and TOP.

Bom Fact #48: Park Bom was Featured by Redroc in ‘Along My Way’ with Master Wu.

Bom Fact #49: Park Bom was Featured by Lexy in ‘Baby Boy’.

Bom Fact #50: Her Famous lines: “Ehh?” “Don’t touch my…” “Fighting Fighting yayaya!” ” HUL~”.

Bom Fact #51: Taeyang (Big Bang) said that Bom is the member with the best voice (in 2NE1).

Bom Fact #52: TOP said that in Korea there is almost no other tone you can find like hers, her voice is very unique.

Bom Fact #53: BigBang’s G-Dragon said : “In every song, If you add Park Bom’s voice, it gets better. Nice voice.”

Bom Fact #54: Teddy on Bom: in Korea or in Asia, even if you shake them and look you won’t be able to find that kind of voice. her voice is natural and full of color.

Bom Fact #55: Bom’s hit solo song “You and I” won the ‘Best Digital Single’ award at MNET Asian Music Awards in 2010

Bom Fact #56: Park Bom revealed that she wants to make a collaboration with Taeyang.

Bom Fact #57: Last Year (2010) Bom was voted #2 for Voice Idol Legends!

Bom Fact #58: Bom’s favorite music genres are hip hop and R&B.

Bom Fact #59: She was a surprise guest on MBC Infinity Challenge. Performing a song that she was featured in for GG’s (Great Park & G-Dragon) ‘I’m having An Affair’ .

Bom Fact #60: Bom was featured in GD&TOP’s ‘Oh Yeah’.

Bom Fact #61: Infinite’s Sungjong’s favorite member of 2NE1 is Park Bom.

Bom Fact #62: Park Bom voted no.3 as a Girl group Member With A Pretty Face + Doll-Like Body.

Bom Fact #63: Park Bom Chosen As One Of The ”Natural Beauties” Without Surgery by Plastic Surgeons on YSTAR

Bom Fact #64: Park Bom voted as #29 of 2011 Top TV Commercial Endorsers!

Bom Fact #65: Swings and Rhyme-Attack are both rappers who wants to collaborate with Park Bom.

Bom Fact #66: ” Park Bom is My favorite Singer.” Says Yoon Kye Sang. He also continued with “Park Bom isn’t just an idol, she’s a musician.”

Bom Fact #67: FT Island Hongki’s favorite girl group (member) is Park Bom!

Bom Fact #68: Out of all the members of 2NE1. Park Bom is the one who speaks Japanese the least. 

Bom Fact #69: When BIGBANG’s Taeyang was asked with whom he wanted to make a collaboration, he picked Park Bom from 2NE1

Bom Fact #70: GD revealed that Park Bom was their (GG’s) secret weapon in MBC Infinity Challenge, that’s why they kept her featuring in a secret till the end.

Bom Fact #71: Her first Stage Performance was in Big Bang First Showcase (She sang We Belong Together and Stand Up For Love)

Bom Fact #72: Park Bom released her first solo song ‘You And I ‘ and achieves an ALL-KILL on Korea’s real-time music charts without promotion.

Bom Fact #73: ‘Superstar K3′ In China, Park Bom’s “You and I” is the Most Used Song.

Bom Fact #74: In an article, it was said “Park Bom, an artist more famous abroad than in Korea.”

Bom Fact #75: YG said that Bom’s face is very pretty

Bom Fact #76: G-Dragon Thanks Park Bom in Big Bang’s 1st Album saying “Ma Lady, Miss Park Bom”

Bom Fact #77: In BigBang’s first ShowCase Talk Segment G-Dragon says Bom is his girlfriend.

Bom Fact #78: In BigBang’s first ShowCase Talk Segment TOP said that Bom is his one-sided love.

Bom Fact #79: Teddy said on 2NE1 TV that Bom has an 8D personality.

Bom Fact #80: Bom doesn’t like people touching her things,

Bom Fact #81: Even though Bommie is older, the members of BigBang loves Imitating her.

Bom Fact #82: Bom tends to gain weight when she goes on visits to America.

Bom Fact #83: Bom wants a man who would give all his love only to her.

Bom Fact #84: She was voted as No.1 as ‘The person you want as a wife’ in TV GUIDE Japan.

Bom Fact #85: When Don’t Cry was released and became instantly #1 on charts, Bom called Teddy and cried on the phone

Bom Fact #86: After revealing that she loves bread, she gained the nickname ”Ppang Bom”(Bread Bom)! 

Bom Fact #87: Bommie ‘s blood type is AB 

Bom Fact #88: Park Bom made her first acting debut before her debut with 2NE1 in Kim Ji Eun’s Tell Me Once More MV!

Bom Fact #89: Bom failed to do falsetto. She doesn’t know how to. 

Bom Fact #90: Kang Ho Dong (Korean’s Famous MC) admitted that Bom is cuter than the last time she attended his show (Strong Heart)